Makeup Brushes

The average makeup brushes sold at grocery and cosmetic stores differ from those made for professional makeup artists. And the free brushes supplied by cosmetic counters are made with synthetic bristles, which can irritate the skin and break off easily. Cheaper brushes are not tapered so you will have greater difficulty blending your makeup job. All of these factors give cheap makeup brushes a short shelf-life.

Professional Makeup Brushes

Even though professional brushes cost more money that their drugstore counterparts, they come with benefit of squirrel, sable, or goat bristles. The variety of sizes and shapes is also astounding and their variety allows users to easily apply their makeup on any part of the body they choose.

Makeup BrushesThese are the reasons why people prefer professional brand brushes. Even though everyone still has a need for wedge sponges and Q-Tips, professional makeup brushes let you precisely put on makeup as well as flawlessly blend blush and eye shadow colors. Their expert results prevent harsh lines from occurring around the face and eyes.

Professional Makeup Brush Types

Manufacturers for professional cosmetic applicators make them in several types. The following are a list and description of each popular and most used type of brush applicator.

Application Brushes–These brushes usually have firm and straight bristles. The application brush is best used for applying concealer and eye shadow. Even though they range widely in size, application brushes should be purchased with your exact needs in mind.

Angle Brushes–A lot of people love their angle brush because it can be used for applying eyeliner and filing in sparse eyebrow areas through the use of eye shadow. These bristles are different from their application brush partners as the angle brush bristles are slanted and extra firm. So if you are one of these people who have a hard time making a straight line with their eyeliner, you definitely need to buy one of these.

Blending Brushes–Blending brushes are naturally fluffy and are utilized by people who want to blend their eye shadow to make their eyelids and eyes appear softer. However, the smaller variations of the blending brush work better in concentrated areas; larger brushes may spread the eye shadow instead of blend it.

Powder and Blush Brushes–The natural bristles of the powder and blush brushes can be bought small enough to put powder over the face or large enough to sweep blush on the cheeks. Their blending power is increased because of the bristle’s tapered angle and their extra large head allows for even makeup distribution.

Since brushes are havens for bacteria and residual makeup pigment, they can become ruined after a period of time as well as obtain the ability to change the hue of the makeup you are currently applying. In order to combat these problems, clean your brushes four times per month. Mild baby shampoo works the best and after your rinse your brushes, firmly squeeze them to remove excess water. While your brushes are still wet, reshape them and lay them on a towel to dry.